Hello, I’m Carolyn. I’m a second year BMus Music student.

Home town: Menai Bridge, Anglesey, North Wales

Instrument: Violin

Favourite Piece of Music: This is such a hard question! My favourite music is usually things I have played myself as they always bring back great memories as well as being great pieces of music. If I had to pick one piece only then I would probably choose Danzon no.2 by Marquez.

Hobbies: Apart from music, I really enjoy playing racket sports like tennis, table tennis and badminton.

Why I study Music: Ever since having my first violin lesson on my 8th birthday, I’ve loved music and never looked back! I enjoy the performance aspect of music the most but wanted to study Music at University to have the chance to enjoy a variety of aspects of music.

Fascinating fact about me: I love learning languages! I’m trilingual, being fluent in both English, Welsh and spoken Thai. I also studied German up to A-level and did a module of beginner Italian in my first year of Uni as part of my course, even though I’m a BMus Music student!

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