Hello, I’m Adele. I’m in second year studying BMus Music.

Home town: Lydney, Forest of Dean

Instrument: Flute, Harpsichord/Piano

My favourite piece of music: Sibelius Violin Concerto (or anything by Debussy will do for me)

Why I study music: It’s such a wide reaching subject, with what I think is the perfect balance of creativity, academia, and performing.  Plus, the course here at UoB is really varied so you experience everything, then can tailor your modules to your own preferences.

Hobbies: Recently discovered a love of cooking (on a student level I should add), reading, going to gigs, researching songs and bands to talk about on my radio show, and occasionally Skyping my parents so they know I’m alive (but mainly just to see my dogs).

Fascinating fact about me: Apparently I’m very very very distantly related to John Williams on my mum’s side…maybe

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